About OrderImp

What is OrderImp?

Orderimp is the original Shopify order importer application. With our long history of operations and dedicated customer support, we have what we think is the best way to import orders into Shopify from any other e-commerce platform. With just a few clicks, a merchant is able to import live or historical orders from any other platform into their Shopify store where those orders can be tracked or sent for fulfillment.

How are we different?

Orderimp is a universal system that can easily import orders from any other e-commerce platform into Shopify. The process is simple: export your orders to a .csv file, upload to Orderimp and map the columns to Shopify's format, preview your orders to check for errors, then with the click of a button your orders will be migrated to your Shopify store.

We are also one of the only platforms that is able to import live orders that have not yet been fulfilled, in addition to historical orders, and has no limit to the number of orders that can be imported.

If you're a Shopify Plus store and looking to import large orders on a regular basis, we are able to set up a private app just for your shop that will be able to 5x the speed with which you are able to migrate orders.

Customer Support Guarantee

We know that you have a lot going on as an e-commerce merchant and believe that wondering if an app that you rely on will come through for you shouldn't be on your mind. To that end, we have instituted a customer support guarantee that promises fast responses to all questions and a 1-business day resolution to all non-technical concerns. If at any point you ever feel that our customer support wasn't doing enough to help you, we will do everything in our power to make it right by you.

Our Mission

The mission of Orderimp is to empower merchants to succeed, help make their operations easier, and to enable freedom of choice in the sales channels that a merchant chooses. We believe that anyone should be able to start or grow their own business, and that merchants should have the freedom to choose the tools that best fit their needs.